Solve your disputes outside of court

If you are ready to solve a dispute outside of court, Jennifer Simko Hamilton is ready to serve as your mediator. Avoid the hassles and high costs of court hearings by hiring a mediator that can help find a solution both parties can agree upon. Mediation can be used to solve the most common family legal problems.

• Divorce

• Custody

• Child Support

• Spousal Support

Jennifer Samko Hamilton is certified to help you settle your family disputes outside of court.

Reach a mutually agreeable solution

Mediation allows for two parties to keep their legal disputes out of the public court. Everyone feels more willing to work together in order to reach a solution that each side can agree on. No judge or jury can decide the fate of the case when it is solved in mediation.


Entering into mediation typically means one or both sides are willing to negotiate leading to a more amicable environment

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